Broken Bonds – Snippet #1

The second installment in Tales of the Seelie Court will be released in July. It is called “Broken Bonds” and features Siân, a young Healer of the Court, whose heart is thrown into a turmoil after an incident at Blackpond.

Read a sneak peek below:

“I have called for you at this early hour, my child,” she said, “out of joy and despair.” She placed a warm hand on Siân’s shoulder.

Siân looked up at her mother, Siobhan, and shivered at the fear in her otherwise bright, blue eyes.

“The events of the King’s Battle have changed our people,” Siobhan continued. “Losing our beloved King Arawn and many more of our companions has left a scar on our souls that not even time can heal. Queen Ophira has been burdened with a task no one so young should have to bear. And while we are mourning, our enemy is out there preparing to retaliate.”