Outside, heavy clouds had gathered over the city, but State Street was still bustling with life. People huddled under umbrellas or hurried from store to store with their faces hidden under their hoods.

Kayla bowed her head into the wind and rain. She should’ve taken an umbrella. By the time she reached Harold Washington Library, her wet hair was stuck to her face and neck. Without lifting her head, she continued her way up to the seventh floor. She walked through the long rows of bookshelves, occasionally stopping to take out a book, and when she was balancing a stack of six books on her arms, she sought out a table at the back.

She dropped her backpack on it and it toppled over. Her cellphone slipped out of the bag and Kayla caught a glimpse of the screen.

Her Mom had texted. Again.

Kayla shoved the phone back into the bag. She flipped open a book titled A Treasury of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales and leafed through it until one section caught her eye. The first line of it read: Faeries are deenee shee or fairy people. Who are they?

Great. That wasn’t very helpful.

Kayla tucked a strand of wet hair behind her ear and flipped through the pages again. One headline read “T’yeer-na-n-oge”. Kayla leaned in.

There is a country called Tír-na-n-Og, it read, which means the Country of the Young, for age and death have not found it. Further down it read: According to many stories, Tír-na-n-Og is the favorite dwelling of the faeries.

Yet none of those stories mentioned where to find such a place.

Kayla slammed the book shut and opened another one. Her eyes flitted across the pages, until the letters began to blur. Nothing she’d already known.

She leaned back, rubbing her eyes. This was not going to work. She needed coffee. She got up, shouldered her backpack, and gathered all the books in her arms. Head down again, she hurried back towards the shelves.

And knocked right into someone.

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Broken Bonds – Snippet #1

The second installment in Tales of the Seelie Court will be released in July. It is called “Broken Bonds” and features Siân, a young Healer of the Court, whose heart is thrown into a turmoil after an incident at Blackpond.

Read a sneak peek below:

“I have called for you at this early hour, my child,” she said, “out of joy and despair.” She placed a warm hand on Siân’s shoulder.

Siân looked up at her mother, Siobhan, and shivered at the fear in her otherwise bright, blue eyes.

“The events of the King’s Battle have changed our people,” Siobhan continued. “Losing our beloved King Arawn and many more of our companions has left a scar on our souls that not even time can heal. Queen Ophira has been burdened with a task no one so young should have to bear. And while we are mourning, our enemy is out there preparing to retaliate.”

The King’s Daughters – Snippet #2

“The King’s Daughters” is the first installment in Tales of the Seelie Court and will be released THIS month. Below is another snippet of the story. Enjoy!

The king followed the path a little bit more until it made a slight turn to the left and descended. A few feet down, in a hollow, stood a tall oak tree. He sank to his knees in front of it and extended a hand to gently trace a finger along the engraving on the stone.

Eyela. Faerie Queen. Loving mother.

Every night since her death, he had taken a walk down to her grave, but never before had it hurt him so much. The recent events weighed heavily on him and dragged him down even further at the thought of his dead wife. Once more he was filled with despair and, above all, remorse.

He pressed his palm onto the cold stone beside her name. “My love, if only you were here.”

The King’s Daughters – Snippet #1

Welcome to this very first post of mine 🙂 I’ve known for more than ten years that I wanted to be writer, but finding the right story to start out with was difficult. I’ve recently discovered the exciting world of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales and it inspired me so much that I decided that I wanted to write stories about faeries. So I embarked on the journey of writing my first short story (in English, I have written some in German before, but they are the worst, let’s hope no one ever finds them!). It will still take some time for the story to be finished, but I will start you off with a little sneak peek. Enjoy! 

In the faraway land of Tír na nÓg, where the weather was always bright, the flowers bloomed endlessly, and the water sprouted  plentiful from wells, there lived a hidden people. They were faeries; tall, human-like creatures with unearthly beautiful faces and pointed ears. Their beauty never wilted; in Annwn, time stood still.

The faeries were ruled by a Faerie King who had two gorgeous daughters that were his pride and joy, the essence of his being. He would’ve given his life for them, more than he would’ve ever given it for his people. If ever he were to lose his daughters, he would be heartbroken.