The Unseelies are no longer hiding… After barely escaping the Unseelie Queen, Kayla travels across Tír na nÓg in search of the truth about her flower pendant’s magic. In her pursuit of peace, Kayla leans on the Seelie Princess Fay, who is determined to regain Kayla’s trust—and that of the Seelie Queen. But uniting the... Continue Reading →

In this first part of a series of magical tales about the Fair Folk, the Faerie King of Tír na nÓg is caught in a battle between his two warring daughters, Titania and Ophira. As one strives to bring down her father, the other is plotting her revenge against her scheming sister. The king now... Continue Reading →


Two faerie courts striving for power. One mortal girl desperate to save her father. When Kayla lost her father, her family wanted her to move on. But Kayla knows that he never died. She also knows that he is no longer in her world. After years of searching for the faeries he told her about,... Continue Reading →

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