Writer Q&A #1

What’s the best way to beat writer’s block? Write! 

I guess when people tell you that they mean you should write an actual story… but I decided to play a little fun game and answer these questions I found on tumblr!


1 :   What age-group do you write?

YA (mostly upper-grade)  

2 :   What genre do you write?

Fantasy (and some Sci-fi, though that’s still in its baby shoes)

3 :   Do you outline according to big ideas or small details?

Big ideas. But sometimes I like to focus on small details as well. 

4 :   Which do you prefer–line-editing or plot-revisions?

I like to look at the bigger picture, so plot-revisions. 

5 :   Do you write better with or without deadlines?

With deadlines, but if they’re unreasonably close they’re too much of a stress factor. I like to give myself deadlines that make sense for my project.

6 :   What would be the biggest compliment you could hope to receive on your current WIP?

“Your world-building is fantastic! I could see myself living in your world!” 

7 :   How long is your current WIP?

About 88.000 words. 

8 :   What author would you be most excited to be compared to?

Cassandra Clare or Holly Black

9 :   What do you struggle most with as a writer?

Self-doubt and fear. 

10 :   Do you brain-storm story ideas alone or with others?

Mostly alone. (Preferred places of brain-storming are the shower and my bed whenever I’m trying to fall asleep.)

11 :   Do you base your characters off of real people?

Yes, but most of the time I do it subconsciously. 

12 :   Is your writing space clean or cluttered?

I try to keep it clean, but it always ends up cluttered with loose paper sheets. 

13 :   Do you write character-driven or plot-driven stories?


14 :   Do you have a favorite writing-related quote?

I’ve got one hung up on the wall above my desk: “Write Drunk, Edit Sober”. Though that’s not a rule I follow! 

15 :   If you transport your original characters into another author’s world, which world would you choose?

Hogwarts or Panem, I think both would be fun to watch/read. 

16 :   Would your story work better as a movie or TV show? Why?

Movie. The story would need to be needlessly stretched in order to be made into a TV show. 

17 :   Do you make soundtracks for each story?

…no… I made a playlist for my NaNoWriMO18 novel

18 :   If you could assign your story one song, what would it be?

Eye of the Needle by Sia. I used to listen to it a lot while I was plotting my first draft. I think the lyrics also fit what my protagonist is going through. 

19 :   Would you rather live in your characters’ world, or have your characters come live in our world?

Live in their world. My story is a portal fantasy, so their world is basically ours PLUS a magical faerie land. WIN-WIN! 

20 :   What book would you love to see adapted for the big or small screen?

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

21 :   Do you finish most of the stories you start?

I finish the first draft, but I often get stuck when editing/revising. 

22 :   Has your own writing ever made you cry?

Yes, I was also close to tears once while I was plotting. 

23 :   Are you proud or anxious to show off your writing?

It depends. If I feel like the story is in a good shape, I love to share it.

24 :   When did you start considering yourself a writer?

On some days I still doubt that I am a writer! But I think I started considering myself a writer once I took it more seriously and tried to write as often as possible. 

25 :   What books are must-reads in your genre?

Must-reads are tricky. They set high expectations in readers and I don’t like that, personally. Read what you love and what brings you joy. 

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