Hindsight is 20/20

I doubt it will surprise anyone when I say 2020 was a tough year for me. It was a tough year for everyone around the globe. We all had our personal struggles thanks to the pandemic (and many of us still struggle) and for me that meant staying away from social media. I've been radio-silent... Continue Reading →

2020 GOALS

A lot of things can happen within one year and yet it seems to pass so fast. 2019 was over in a flash, but looking back now, I've achieved many of the goals I set myself a year ago. revise Seelie Princess and get it into the best shape possiblelearn more about traditional and self-publishing... Continue Reading →

SEELIE PRINCESS: From Draft to Print

Writing a book can be a long process. When I started this journey 5 years ago, I had very little knowledge of writing itself. But through continuous effort, hard work, and persistence, I finally achieved my goal. Today I want to take stock of the individual stages that I worked through with SEELIE PRINCESS. Summer... Continue Reading →

#PrideMonth19: My Favorite LGBTQ Books

Happy Pride Month everyone! Every year in June, we celebrate the right to love whoever we want. We take it to the streets and show the world that we're stronger than homophobia and prejudices. I feel like the world is slowly changing—at least in my country. People are opening up, offering queers a safe space... Continue Reading →

Writer Q&A #2

You can find my Writer Q&A #1 here. 26 :   What would you like to see more of in your genre?More LGBTQ+ protagonists 27 :   Where do you get inspiration from?All kinds of places, really. Life, books, movies, dreams,... 28 :   On a scale of 1-10, how much do you stress about choosing character names?Maybe 3?... Continue Reading →

Writer Q&A #1

What's the best way to beat writer's block? Write! I guess when people tell you that they mean you should write an actual story... but I decided to play a little fun game and answer these questions I found on tumblr! 1 :   What age-group do you write?YA (mostly upper-grade)   2 :   What genre do you write?Fantasy... Continue Reading →

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