#FaerieFriday: Tír na nÓg

It’s the last #FaerieFriday before the release of my debut novel SEELIE PRINCESS on September 19. And I have something special planned for today. In previous posts, I’ve introduced various creatures of the Celtic Fair Folk. Today, I want to introduce the Celtic Otherworld: Tír na nÓg.

According to A Treasury of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales, Tír na nÓg (also spelled as T’yeer-na-n-oge) is “the Country of the Young, for age and death have not found it” and it is “the favourite dwelling of the fairies”. Tír na nÓg seems to exist everywhere—in the lakes, the hills, and the forest—and nowhere at all. It’s a place that only few have found—and even fewer have returned from.

The land of faeries is often simply called Faerie, but I was intrigued by the name Tír na nÓg the moment I saw it (and not only because it looks hard to pronounce). I’ve read some stories about Tír na nÓg during my research; in the end, I made up most details of the land myself. I created my own interpretation of Tír na nÓg. Today I’d like to share what that looks like.


This is a sketch that I worked on myself, using Inkarnate. Almost all the names are fictional, though some are inspired by Celtic mythology or the Irish language. The only term that I adapted without a change is Uffern, which is the Celtic version of Hell. It’s just a rough draft of the map to give you a general idea (if you’re interested in something more visual).

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