UNSEELIE QUEEN (The Crown of Tír na nÓg #2)

The Unseelies are no longer hiding…

After barely escaping the Unseelie Queen, Kayla travels across Tír na nÓg in search of the truth about her flower pendant’s magic. In her pursuit of peace, Kayla leans on the Seelie Princess Fay, who is determined to regain Kayla’s trust—and that of the Seelie Queen. But uniting the faerie realm may just be impossible.

In a world where no one can lie, secrets are ever-present and allegiances constantly shifting.

As Kayla dives deeper into her past and struggles to control her newfound powers, Fay’s effort to forge a blade lethal to any faerie unearths locked-up memories. Soon Kayla and Fay are tested in a battle against the Unseelies that will decide Tír na nÓg’s fate and the strength of their love.

Unseelie Queen is the second book in the YA fantasy series “The Crown of Tír na nÓg”. If you like faeries, magic, and f/f romance, you will love Sarah Tanzmann’s enchanting sequel.

Return to the world of Tír na nÓg today—but beware of the will-o’-the-wisps!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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