GODDESS OF LIGHT (The Crown of Tír na nÓg #3)

A new queen has been crowned.

Following the battle against the Unseelies, Ophira’s Light Crown has been stolen and her reign thrown into question. Fay fails to convince her friends that Kayla is being controlled by something, and left without support, she teams up with an unlikely ally. But when they reach the Unseelie Court, they unknowingly provide Queen Keília with the fourth and final Treasure of Light, which allows her to break the seal of an ancient prison.

Morrígan, the Goddess of Death, is reborn. Her shadows spread like poison.

When Kayla regains control over her mind, she is flooded with guilt and rattled by everyone’s faith in her as the Light Summoner. She flees to Shadow Island, hoping to reconnect with her magic for a chance to banish Morrígan once more, while Fay struggles to protect her home and its people. The two reunite moments before a deciding battle against Morrígan and her Wild Hunt. Their love for each other is stronger than ever—and so is their desire to fight for their future. Will Kayla’s light magic persevere or will Tír na nÓg be lost to Morrígan’s shadows?

Goddess of Light is the third and final book in the YA fantasy series “The Crown of Tír na nÓg”. If you like faeries, magic, and f/f romance, you will love Sarah Tanzmann’s heart-pounding conclusion.

Return to the world of Tír na nÓg today—but beware of the will-o’-the-wisps!

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